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Aurora Borealis in Finland

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Death of William Rufus, lithograph by Alphonse de Neuville

(Note: William II, King of England, 1087-1100, was likely  assassinated with an arrow through his lung by his own men while on a hunting trip near Brockenhurst, England.

  De Neuville, a French academic painter, 1835-1885, revisits this history. — shades and shadows

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The House of Björk

The House of Björk

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cinematic gold in 1993 and still cinematic gold in 2014

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also, wednesday has been canceled due to scheduling errors.

And now, the weather.

[waitin for the bus in the rain in the rain wait waitin for the bus in the rain]

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Grimm’s Law—the principle of consonantal shift in words of Indo-European origin.  It is named after Jacob Grimm (1785 –1863), the editor (with his brother Wilhelm) of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.


Grimm’s law can be stated thus:

Group the consonants in three scales:

   GUTTURALS: g. k, kh (Latin, h), g

   DENTALS: d, t. th (Latin, I), d

   LABIALS: b. p, ph (I), b.

Each Teutonic word begins one letter in its scale above the corresponding classical word. For instances:

  GUTTURALS: genus-kin, gelid-cold; circle, (h}ring; choler-gall. host-guest.

   DENTALS: dual-two. dactyl-toe; irivial-three. theme-doom. fume-dUSI.

   LABIALS: Paternal-fatherly, putrid-foul; le,.tile-bear, fragile-break.

Source:  Shipley, J. T. (1979). Dictionary of Word Origins.  Totowa, New Jersey:  Littlefield, Adams.

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okay so in my city there’s this billboard and nobody knows what it’s about or who it’s from, it’s just here

there’s no name

this is all it says

"I’m concerned about the blueberries"

that’s it

"I’m concerned about the blueberries"

And now, the weather.

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